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Heart's Content (2010)

Heart's Delight

40 Melodies arranged for Appalachian dulcimer geared to Intermediate players

Book includes a CD rom disk that contains the free TablEdit reader software for Mac and PC. This enables you to actually see and hear the tune being played on your computer! This is a great way to learn new tunes.

Most tunes utilize Dad tuning, though there are some tunes in Dgd and others that use a capo or a 1 1/2 fret.

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Index of Tunes:

Amoskeag Waltz
Arkansas Traveler
Be Thou My Vision
The Bunch of Rushes
Comin' Thro' the Rye
Constalk Fiddle & a Shoestring Bow
Ducks On the Millpond
Egan's Polka
An Emigrant's Daughter
Farewell to the Creeks
Farewell to Whisky
The Fiery Clockface
The Golden Harp
Grandfather's Clock
Harrison Town
How Great Thou Art
Jock Tamson's Hornpipe
John Ryan's Polka
Johnny's Gone to France
Just As I Am
Kingdom Come
Kingdom Coming
Leezie Lindsay
Marching Through Georgia
Michael Turner's
Nelly Bly
Rickett's Hornpipe
Road to Boston
Rosin the Beau
The Rowan Tree
Salmon Tails Up the Water
Scollay's Reel
Son ar Christr (Cider Song)
Turkey In the Straw
Turkey Rhubarb
Un Candien Errant
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Whup Jamboree